Rize continues to be the center of attention of tourists with its magnificent natural beauties and historical riches. Located in a unique corner of the Black Sea, this city has made a name for itself with the increasing influx of tourists in recent years.

One of the most famous attractions of Rize is Ayder Plateau, which draws attention with its unique natural beauties. Fascinating tourists with its lush nature, healing waters and mystical atmosphere, Ayder has become an indispensable stop for local and foreign visitors. Thermal hotels, nature walks, plateau festivals and local delicacies in the plateau increase the desire of tourists to discover Rize.

One of the other important touristic spots of Rize is Zilkale, located in Çamlıhemşin district. The historical castle is located on a magnificent hill and is home to a medieval structure. The historical atmosphere and unique scenery of Zilkale attracts the attention of history lovers and nature lovers.

In addition, the tea plantations of Rize are one of the important points that attract the attention of tourists. Rize is famous for being one of the most important tea production centers in Turkey. Visitors who want to explore the green sea of ​​tea plantations can have an unforgettable experience here.

Rize continues to be a destination preferred by more and more tourists with its unique nature, historical texture and hospitable people. With the continuation of this trend, Rize is expected to develop further in the tourism sector.